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    An Asset for the Country

    Terna is a perfect example of Italian excellence at the global level and plays a fundamental role in the sustainable development of the Country. Electrical infrastructure is a priority for the economic well-being and security of the national electricity system. In recent years, Terna has invested € 10 billion in works which have allowed a reduction in energy costs and creation of value for the company, for shareholders and for the Country.
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    A Benefit to the Electricity System

    Terna is upgrading and continually improving the efficiency of Italy's electricity transmission grid because the development of the grid benefits the community. Terna is deploying advanced technology within the electricity system and is investing to develop the interconnection between Italy and Europe to make it the electricity hub for the Southern Mediterranean.

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    A Value for Investors

    Terna creates value for its shareholders. The results of its stock market listing to date demonstrate that Terna is an asset for the country, but also for its shareholders. Indeed, Terna has generated return and value, both in stock appreciation and dividend distribution, without ever neglecting investments or the strength of its financial structure.
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    A Value for Stakeholders

    Terna is aware of its responsibility towards the community and has translated this into a single strategy: to find the right balance between the country's energy needs, nature conservation and the safeguarding of Italy's cultural heritage.

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The Terna Group is the first grid operator for electricity transmission in Europe.

Through Terna Rete Italia the Group safely manages the National Transmission Grid with over 72,000 km of HV lines.

Through Terna Plus the Group manages new business opportunities and non traditional activities, also abroad.

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