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Transparency Report: the new datasharing platform with current operational data of the National Electricity System is online

3 July 2019


Rome, July 3, 2019 - For the first time Terna has centralized the data of the national electricity system in a single web platform. Demand, generation and transmission: all data* collected, measured and estimated by the Italian National Transmission Grid operator are now constantly updated and can be navigated and downloaded. The new platform clearly reiterates Terna’s commitment to increasing transparency and disclosure of data, skills and know-how on the electricity system. During the last year a series of datasharing projects were launched regarding consolidated data (such as the evolution of the electricity market from 2000 onwards), but we are now moving on to "live" data from the current year with a platform integrated within the galaxy of the European TSOs (Entso-e).

The data quality process (guaranteeing the consistency and integrity of company data) and the use of the latest data visualisation techniques for mobile phones combine to place this cutting-edge digital data sharing platform at the forefront in the European scenario. The new dashboard gives you an immediate overview of the most relevant content as well as updates with the latest electrical news. The introduction of interactive maps allows for a quick visualization of energy flows between domestic and foreign market areas. Moreover, analysts and electrical operators can use the dedicated download center to download historical data from the last five years.

* The provisional data are based on Terna’s measurements and estimates and are subject to continuous change. The consolidated data are only to be considered definitive after publication on the “Statistical data on electricity in Italy” annual report.