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Sa.Co.I. 3: Terna presents two alternative planning options to the municipality of Santa Teresa Gallura



October 2018

    After meetings with the community, talks have started with the local institutions
    The alternative project proposes the landing point of the undersea cable at Marmorata and the new transition station in premises close to Via la Ruda

    Terna took part in today's local council meeting in Santa Teresa Gallura to present two different options for SACOI3, the modernisation plan of the electricity connection between Sardinia, Corsica and the Italian mainland, presented at the beginning of October to the inhabitants of Santa Teresa.

    After considering the suggestions of the communities involved in the operations, Terna technicians returned today to present the two different project proposals which will meet the requirements of the territory.

    The first option, already presented to the inhabitants of Santa Teresa, involves keeping the landing point of the undersea cable at Rena Bianca and extending the underground cable by around 1.4 km from the current position of the existing transition station, to reach the new station located further inland near the ticket office of the Nuragico Lu Brandali archaeological area.

    The second planning option, illustrated for the first time today at the local council meeting in Santa Teresa Gallura, instead envisages the landing point of the undersea cable at the Marmorata beach and the laying of around 6 km of underground cable to connect with the new transition station to be located in an area near Via La Ruda. This solution would provide significant environmental benefits thanks to the demolition of 4.3 km of existing power line.

    Both solutions would enable the demolition of the existing transition station overlooking the coast, and the burying of a portion of the existing overhead line, part of which interferes with the protected site of Capo Testa.

    Terna thus reiterates its absolute willingness to continue the dialogue with Institutions and Inhabitants to develop a project which will make the Sardinian electricity system safe and reliable, while also blending in with the environment.

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