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Terna: green light for the demolition of the old Quartu - Quartucciu line



March 2019

    26 pylons and 7.7 km of power lines will be decommissioned by the end of May
    Important environmental benefits for the area: from the Pitz’è Serra district to Molentargius Natural Park

    The demolition of 26 pylons and 7.7 km of the old Quartu – Quartucciu power line will start at Pitz’è Serra’s Europa Park in Quartu Sant'Elena.

    Following the entry into service of the new 150 kV underground power last October, Terna can now officially start the demolitions in the presence of Stefano Delunas, Mayor of Quartu Sant'Elena; Paolo Passino, Deputy Mayor and Councillor for Urban Planning; and Roberto Cirrincione, Terna’s Head of the Cagliari Operational Transmission Area.

    The plan for the demolition works, which will conclude in May, will bring important environmental benefits to the area, starting with the Pitz'è Serra district where the houses built after the power line was installed will no longer be surrounded by pylons.

    The demolition works constitute the final stage of the network rationalisation in the Cagliari area, as outlined in the Agreement with the Sardinia Region: in 2008 and 2009 the 150 kV “Selargius - Molentargius” line and the power lines that went through the Molentargius - Saline environmental park were demolished. The last two pylons in the vicinity of the Environmental Park were in fact decommissioned over the course of the preparatory activities for the current demolitions. The new 5.9 km long Quartu - Quartucciu underground cable connection crosses the territories of the Municipalities of Quartu, Maracalagonis and Quartucciu and has brought significant benefits to the local electricity grid, both in terms of security and efficiency.

    “The demolitions we start today represent the important conclusive phase of an extensive and profitable partnership with the Institutions and the local community,” says Roberto Cirrincione, Terna’s Head of the Cagliari Operational Transmission Area. “In addition to the important qualitative benefits, which come from the restructuring of the Cagliari electricity system, the project we have carried out is an example of infrastructural sustainability which will return to the community, a territory which has been fully utilised from an environmental perspective”.

    “The path towards rationalising our power lines continues. Following the activation of the underground line, it is time for the pylons to be abolished which will, without a doubt, lead to significant benefits both in terms of the landscape and the environment,” outlines Paolo Passino, Councillor for Urban Planning and Deputy Mayor. The local landscape will see interesting improvements, in particular in the Pitz'è Serra district”.

    “Our administration has always been focused on a new model of land management, one which is no longer based on the indiscriminate use of natural resources, but rather on the concept of sustainable and environmental development,” explains Mayor Stefano Delunas. "The conclusion of these decommissioning actions, which also affect important green areas of the city from the Quartello gardens to the Europa Park, as well as the salt marshes and the Molentargius Park, means solving an age old issue, one which is of real significance to the residents of Pitz'è Serra and Quartello”.

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