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Terna goes “plastic free”: a project is under way to eliminate disposable plastic in the office



December 2018

    Plastic bottles and cups will be replaced with water dispensers and 700 stainless steel thermal bottles personalised with each employee's initials
    Shared commitment to sustainability within the Group is a key factor in creating value

    125,000 bottles of water, 125,000 plastic cups, equalling 4 tonnes of waste per year and around 13,500 kg of CO2 emissions.

    These are the numbers that Terna, the company that manages the Italian electricity grid, wants to eventually erase with the “plastic free” project, which is aimed at eliminating disposable plastic from its Via Galbani headquarters in Rome and ultimately, in all of its Italian offices.
    Starting today, in the canteen, bar and vending machines, there will no longer be bottled water or cups. In their place will be water dispensers with hot and cold regular and mineral water. Disposable plastic cups will disappear, and the company will give its employees around 700 stainless steel thermal bottles, personalised with their initials engraved on the cap.

    This important project is inspired by the circular economy and founded on the principles of “Reduce-Reuse-Recycle”, aimed at sustainability, a value the company always promotes in every area of its business and, as of today, also in the daily working life of its employees. This mission is being pursued because of the active commitment of the individual employees who are personally involved in the process of change, which will also lead to separate waste collection within the company: individual waste paper bins at workstations will be replaced with a single receptacle in each office. There will also be special collection points for plastic, paper, wet and other waste, on every floor of the building.

    The project, which will be expanded in 2019, aims to show Terna’s solid commitment to protecting the environment and the future for the next generation.

    “The commitment that comes with these projects requires everyone's cooperation,” stated Silvia Marinari, Head of Human Resources, Organisation and General Affairs, “It’s possible to achieve excellent results as long as the company and its personnel pursue the same path of responsibility”.

    “Being sustainable is part of our mission,” said Luca Torchia, Head of External Relations and Sustainability, “The choice to adopt sustainable policies in the office is linked to the growing importance that everyone at Terna places on sustainability and also, above all, a commitment to protecting the environment”.

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