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Terna meets in Cortale citizens affected by new work on electricity grid development



December 2018

    Thursday 6 December in Cortale, at the Town Hall, Terna, the national electricity grid operator, will meet citizens of the area to illustrate the characteristics of the new project to be authorised which involves the construction of a 150 kV electricity line connecting the Maida electrical substation to the 150 kV “Girifalco-Jacurso” line.

    From 5 p.m. Terna technicians will be on hand to discuss the project details and the motivation behind the new infrastructure, and to listen to the citizens’ observations. The subjects that will be dealt with include the stages of the authorisation process and the methods for sending observations.

    The work has become necessary because in the Catanzaro area the limited transmission capacity of the 150 kV electricity grid does not make it possible to take full advantage of the energy of existing plants and to exchange securely the available renewable energy production. Once the work has been completed, there will therefore be an increase in the production of renewable sources and reduced grid losses with a consequent reduction of CO2, as well as greater security and flexibility of operation.
    The power line, approximately 7.5 km long, affects the Municipalities of Girifalco (approximately 0.5 km), Cortale (approximately 6.5 km), and Maida (approximately 0.5 km).
    For completion of the work a total duration of about 2 years from the start of work is estimated.

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