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Electricity consumption in Italy: +0.5% in July +1.2% in first seven months of 2017



August 2017

    Demand up 0.5% compared to the same month last year
    Demand in the first seven months of 2017 has increased by 1.2% compared to the same period of 2016 (+1.7 % based on the same number of days)

    In July 2017, according to data collected by Terna, the company that manages the national electricity grid, electricity demand in Italy stood at 29.3 billion kWh, a +0.5% increase compared to volumes for the same month last year.
    Demand in the first seven months of 2017 increased by +1.2% compared to the corresponding period of 2016. Based on the same number of days, the result was +1.7%.
    Nationally, the July 2017 trend was positive across the country: +0.2% in the North, +0.7% in Central Italy and 0.9% in the South.
    The short-term profile for July 2017 showed a seasonally adjusted decrease in electricity demand compared to the previous month (-5.3%). This represents a stable trend.
    In July 2017, electricity demand in Italy was covered for 87.5% by national production (+1.7% of net production compared to July 2016) and for the remainder by imports (foreign exchange -6.4% compared to July 2016).
    In detail, net national production (25.8 billion kWh) increased by +1.7% compared to July 2016. Wind-power production increased (+33.9%), as did solar power (+5.8%), thermal (+4.5%) and geothermal production (+0.8%), while hydroelectric production dropped (-15.1%).
    Maximum electricity demand in July 2017 was 54,535 MW, which Terna recorded on Thursday, 13 July at 16:00. This was +1.8% higher than the value recorded for the same month last year.
    A detailed analysis of provisional 2016 and 2017 monthly electricity demand is available in the publication “Monthly Report on the Electricity System”, under the section “Electric System>>Dispatching>>Operating Data>>Monthly Report” at

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