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Electricity consumption in Italy: -1.4% in November



December 2018

    Hydroelectric production more than doubles (+118.8%). Demand in the first eleven months of 2018 increases by 0.6% compared to the same period in 2017

    In November 2018, according to data collected by Terna, the company that manages Italy’s national electricity grid, electricity demand in Italy stood at 26.3 billion kWh, a 1.4% decrease compared to November 2017. The demand reflected the temperatures: for November 2018, with the same number of working days (21) as last November, the average monthly temperature rose by 2°C compared to November 2017. The figure, adjusted for seasonal and temperature effects and with the same number of working days, resulted in a 0.7% decrease in energy demand for November.

    Electricity demand in the first eleven months of 2018, totalling 295.3 billion kWh, increased by 0.6% compared to the same period in 2017. In adjusted terms, this variation reflects an increase of 0.5%.

    Looking at the regional level, the November 2018 trend was negative across the country: -1.7% in the North and -1% in Central and Southern Italy.

    The data for November 2018, adjusted for seasonal, calendar and temperature effects, showed a decrease in electricity demand (-0.8%) compared to the previous month (October 2018), representing a slight downward trend.

    In November 2018, 90.6% of the electricity demand was met with production in Italy, and the remaining part (9.4%) was met with the balance of electricity exchanged with foreign countries. More specifically, net national production (23.9 billion kWh) decreased by 1.1% compared to November 2017. A strong growth was registered in hydroelectric production (+118.8%), which has more than doubled compared to last November, while other production sources have decreased (thermal -12.9%, wind -10.2%, solar -7.1%, geothermal -2.7%).

    The detailed analysis of provisional 2018 and definitive 2017 monthly electricity demand is available in the publication “Monthly Report on the Electricity System”, under the section “Electric System>>Dispatching>>Operating Data>>Monthly Report” at

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