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Electricity consumption in Italy: -5.1% in March



April 2019

    Sharp increase in photovoltaic production (+41.2%)

    In March 2019, according to data collected by Terna, the company that manages the national electricity grid, electricity demand in Italy stood at 26.4 billion kWh, a 5.1% decrease compared to the same month in 2018. The trend of the demand was affected by the temperature and calendar effects: this year, in fact, March had one less working day (21 vs 22) and an average monthly temperature 1.6°C higher than March 2018. The figure, adjusted for the effects of temperatures and calendar, resulted in a 3.1% decrease in energy demand for March.

    Demand in the first quarter of 2019 has decreased by -1% compared to the same period of 2018. In adjusted terms, this variation reflects a decrease of -0.8%.

    Looking at the regional level, the March 2019 trend was negative across the country: -5% in Northern and Southern Italy and -5.3% in the Centre.

    The data for March 2019, adjusted for calendar and temperature effects, recorded a decrease in electricity demand (-1.1%) compared to the previous month (February 2019). Considering this result, the general trend is downward.

    In March 2019, 85.7% of the electricity demand was met with national production and the remaining part (14.3%) was met with the balance of electricity exchanged with foreign countries. In detail, net national production (22.8 billion kWh) dropped by 2.9% compared to March 2018. Photovoltaic production continues to register a strong growth (+41.2%). Wind power production remained stable (+0.5%), whilst all other sources declined (hydroelectric -33.6%; geothermal -2%; thermal -2%).

    The detailed analysis of provisional 2019 and 2018 monthly electricity demand is available in the publication “Monthly Report on the Electricity System”, under the section “Electric System>>Dispatching>>Operating Data>>Monthly Report” at

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