CV Submission

  To enter your CV for the first time
By clicking on ENTER/UPDATE CV the system will open to another screenshot showing the privacy statement and you will be requested to give your necessary consent.

Once you have accepted the terms, the Candidate’s Personal Page will then open from which you can access the sections for entering/updating your CV. To create your account, enter the following data: name, last name, email, user name (freely chosen) password (8 letters), confirm the password in the box “Candidate’s personal page – details”. At the end, by clicking on “Create personal page”, you can access the other screenshots for entering your CV.

The first section to be filled out regards “Personal Data” (biographical, residence/domicile, addresses, etc.), the second, information regarding “Education and work experience”, the third “Details regarding your application” (area for which you are applying, expectations, location, etc.), lastly, the final section is referred to the possibility of attaching a CV in a free format and/or a photograph, or other documents you consider useful for your application.

As you fill out each page, you will note that at the bottom, along with the usual navigation tool bar (Forward, backward) there are also two other tools: Cancel (to cancel the entry procedures), Save (to temporarily interrupt the entry procedure). Cancelling the entry procedure by clicking on Cancel will determine the system’s closing. Should you wish to restart, you must repeat the sequence described above.

By clicking on Save, you can temporarily suspend the entry procedure and resume within the following 30 days (after which the system will automatically cancel the data entered). To restart, you must have completed the procedure for activating your account (described below) and use the procedure for Updating CV – Updating information pertaining to more sections.

After you have completed filling out the data, by clicking on Send, the system opens a last page informing you if your CV entry has been completed successfully. At this point exit the system by clicking on Close Window.

You will receive two consecutive automatic emails from the system: - the first to finalize the activation of your account, required for any future access for updating your CV. The email contains your credentials (login and password) and a link you must click on to complete the activation process.

Keep this email for future uses - the second as an additional confirmation of having received your application by Terna’s Selection Team. The present system for receiving CVs was recently introduced. If you entered your CV prior to 26/03/2012 you must enter it again. Your CV will be kept in Terna’s data bank for one year and can be examined regarding the selection of new human resources.

At the time of entry, you will not receive any correspondence in addition to the above-mentioned emails; only in case you are identified as a potential candidate, following a search carried out during the year, you will then be contacted by Terna’s Selection Team and requested to participate in the relative selection.
  Updating your CV
If you have already entered your application and wish to update other data we would like to point out, according to the type of information to be updated, two possible modalities: Updating information regarding “Personal Data” or changing password If you have the need to only change one or more data in this section (biographical data, residence/domicile, addresses, etc.), or you wish to change your password, you can access directly by clicking on UPDATE PERSONAL DATA.

The login box will open, enter your credentials contained in the email sent to you for the first entry. Once you have logged in, a page will open allowing you to access the information to be changed. The above-mentioned modality allows easy and direct access for changing only the typology of information indicated.

Updating information in more than one section If you need to update the “Personal Data” section as well as information in other Sections, click on ENTER/UPDATE CV. The system will open to a screenshot containing privacy laws and you will be requested to give your necessary consent. Once you have accepted, the Candidate’s Personal Page will open allowing you to access the sections for entering/updating your CV.

This time you must use the first box in the Candidate’s Personal Page – Login Details and enter the credentials contained in the email sent to you for the first entry (username and password).

By clicking on Login you will access the pages of your CV already present in the data bank and you will be able to make your changes. Repeat the send procedure at the end.

Inserisci/Aggiorna CV   Aggiorna dati personali

For any technical problems while operating the system, please contact the following email address: to receive assistance

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