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We are a leading grid operator for energy transmission. We manage the high voltage Italian transmission grid and guarantee its security, quality and affordability over time.

We pursue the development of the electricity grid, ever-increasing operating efficiency and integration with the European grid.

We ensure equal access conditions to all grid users.

We develop solutions for the energy market, pursuing new business opportunities with the experience and technical expertise acquired in managing complex systems and our technological excellence.

Our role as Transmission System Operator (TSO)
  • Strengthen the national grid to facilitate the energy transition
  • Develop interconnections with other countries to make the market more competitive
  • Guarantee the safety of the electricity system, maintaining the balance between supply and demand on a 24/7 hour basis

Our strategic plan: GRIDS AND VALUES - Accelerating a sustainable growth

The energy sector is experiencing deep-seated change and the energy transition phase opens up new challenges.

The 2019-2023 Strategic Plan, presented in March 2018, includes an acceleration of investments for the development of the electricity grid in Italy, the backbone of the country, in terms of energy. The plan also includes a consolidation of non-regulated activities, in Italy and abroad, launching new services in support of energy transition and seizing opportunities with high added value in keeping with the Group’s core skills

Investments in the italian
electric grid
billion euro in 5 years, approximately
compared to the previous plan
  • strengthening the network with complete integration of renewables and digitalisation for greater security and resilience;
  • increase in interconnections with foreign countries, further strengthening the network meshing among the market zones and rationalisation of the main metropolitan areas in Italy;
  • consolidation of our role of Energy Solution Provider to develop services for businesses and seizing market opportunities;
  • sustainable solutions to cope with the growing complexity of the system.

In regard to international activities Terna is committed to making its role even more central within Europe to strengthen Italy’s position as electricity hub between Europe and the Mediterranean.