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Our brand strategy
"A great brand of great value” is how we are known to our shareholders and stakeholders in Italy. We employ a number of tools to drive our brand and communications strategy, including, but not limited to, digital communications, media relations, B2B tools and events.
As a leading independent grid operator in Europe, among the largest in the world, we adhere to high standards of excellence. The founding values of our company - robustness and independence, efficiency, innovation and strategic vision – are effectively conveyed through everything we do, from campaigns to events.

Our brand identity
Terna is viewed as a responsible company that understands how to combine safe service operations, sustainable development and value creation for our shareholders. We are an example of Italian excellence worldwide, and a key player within the Italian industry and the Italian electricity system.
Such recognition arises from the Company’s solid performance, innovative skills and its ability to adapt to a changing environment.

Evolution of our logo

2012 –present day. New Group structure, new position in the TSO world ranking

In order to make our business operations more efficient, in 2012 a new organizational structure was launched:

Terna SpA became the Parent Company, responsible for strategic direction and coordination, with control over two operating subsidiaries:
  • Terna Rete Italia, which operates the national electricity grid;
  • Terna Plus, which is tasked with developing new business in Italy and abroad.
This important strategic step is reflected in the Group’s brand architecture. The Terna Rete Italia and Terna Plus logos were developed in line with the logos of Terna’s other subsidiaries (Terna Storage and Terna Gora), so that they delineate and develop the corporate image. The wording “Terna Group” was added, to emphasize their membership of the Terna Group, the leading independent grid operator in Europe.
2008 – 2012. Radical restyling of logo for Europe's first TSO (Transmission System Operator)

Terna’s consistent growth results in the company becoming the leading independent grid operator in Europe, and seventh in the world. The new logo expresses this important development: the gray becomes hi-tech metal with 3D effect, the graphics are enclosed within a square. Robustness and independence, accountability and efficiency, innovation: the values that have always set Terna apart are now even more clearly expressed in the company logo.
2005 – 2008. New ownership, new logo

In September 2005, “Cassa depositi e prestiti S.p.A.” takes over Enel as the majority shareholder of Terna. In November, the new Board of Directors appoints Flavio Cattaneo as CEO and Luigi Roth as Chairman.
Integral to the company's new strategic direction is the first restyling of the logo: new font, new colors and new depiction of the core business (a set of three - Terna in Italian - cables on a blue background).
1999 – 2005. Terna spin-off from Enel

Terna is founded in 1999 following the liberalization of the electricity sector, with Enel as the main shareholder. The logo, reflecting the governance structure, appears as a variation of Enel’s corporate identity.
The company's core business can be easily identified, as well as its role in the Italian electricity system.