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We work to provide various opportunities to come into contact with us and get to know us better. Discovering our world and better understanding the particularities of Terna’s business and the spirit of our people is the best way to decide whether to proceed with your application. For this reason, we try to create a range of different occasions for dialogue with potential future colleagues and present ourselves in the most comprehensive way possible.

Schools and Universities

We collaborate with Schools, Universities and Business Schools through:

Are you a student? We have opportunities for you!
We have always collaborated with Schools, Universities and Business Schools and we offer students the possibility of:
  • Curricular internships
  • Extra-curricular internships
  • Professional-qualification internships
  • Internships or Collaborations for dissertations
  • Assignment of Scholarships

Applications must be sent to the following address The Human Resource and Organisation Department, after selection of the candidate, checks the availability of any host Organisational Unit, identifies the Tutor/Rapporteur and signs the agreement with the external Institution. You can contact Terna and our professionals also taking part in initiatives that your Institution promotes and in which Terna is a partner.

Visits to the plants

With a view to promoting exchanges with the world of work and training, we facilitate visits to our plants. Indeed, large numbers of students visit the technical sites present throughout the country every year.

Job Fairs and Career Days

Every year Terna takes part in the Job Fairs and Career Days promoted by major Italian universities, always showing a particular interest in these events and taking the opportunity to come into direct contact with students and new graduates.

- “Forum Università Lavoro” - Università di Roma Tor Vergata - 09/04/2019
- “I giovani e il lavoro”- LUISS Roma - 07/05/2019
- “Job Meeting Roma” organized by CESOP at the Sapienza Università di Roma – Facoltà Ingegneria - 09/05/2019
- “Job Meeting Catania” organized by CESOP at the Dipartimento di Ingegneria dell’Università di Catania - 22/05/2019
- “Job fair” – Politecnico di Bari - 29/05/2019
- Università Aperta IES – Ingegneria, Economia, Scienze organized by Università di Padova at the Fiera di Padova - 07/11/2019
- “Diversity Day” Roma – organized by CESOP e Value People - Novembre 2019

For more details of these events, please contact us at