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People are Terna’s most important asset, one of the enabling factors of the company’s strategic mission for Italy. Responsibility, integrity and transparency guide our commitment and our work every day, all day, year round. Loyalty and a focus on people: employees, citizens and the wider community. These are the values which we share, along with the founding principles of our business:

  • A focus on results: to achieve our objectives with motivation and entrepreneurial spirit, promoting company strategies and translating ideas into actions;
  • Innovation: to contribute to the energy transition process and forecast trends but also to introduce changes to corporate processes and activities, making them flexible and propositive;
  • Sustainability: to be efficient at all times with full responsibility for our actions, maintaining a relationship of trust with our stakeholders and constantly searching for new opportunities to share our values to the benefit of the company, shareholders and general public.
We believe in team work as a way of sharing expertise and experience to create added value for everyone involved. The ability to listen, collaboration and a team focus are considered essential characteristics for our people, and are fundamental in facing future challenges.

We adopt personnel selection, development and remuneration systems that recognize and reward merit and performance. Any form of discrimination, starting from the selection for becoming part of the company, is expressly prohibited by our Code of Ethics.
Find out more in our page Diversity and equal opportunities.