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The remuneration policies and incentives systems fall under the staff development sphere and are actively managed with the objective of optimising our human resources.
We apply the collective contract of Electricity-Sector workers for junior executives, white-collar workers and blue-collar workers; while for senior executives the relevant national contract applies.

As total salary package, we offer:
• A CASH COMPONENT, with a fixed remuneration which rewards the skills, experience and contribution required by the role
is an incentive to reach and exceed annual targets
• A LONG-TERM VARIABLE REMUNERATION which we reserve for holders of positions having direct responsibility for corporate results; this allows long-term alignment of the actions of the management with the interests of shareholders.

In addition, our colleagues make use of certain benefits that come within the attention of the People Care area that the company reserves for its employees.
These include:
- Supplementary Pension Fund (FOPEN)
- Supplementary healthcare (FISDE)
- Canteen or lunch vouchers
- Maternity benefits better than those provided for by law
- Insurance cover beyond that provided for by the Collective Contract
- Company loans
- Banking and insurance services at favourable rates
- Membership of cultural and recreational associations
- Personal credit card at preferential terms