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The energy scenario is undergoing significant paradigm changes, spurred on by the intermittent penetration of renewable sources, fragmentation and distribution of the production points, diffusion of efficient and innovative technologies and a shift in the axis of energy production value to the supply of services.

In this changing scenario, we are committed now more than ever to our dual strategy, which combines the solidity of our regulated activities with an entrepreneurial approach to the development of new businesses.

In our capacity as a business developer, we have taken on the new role of solution provider, seizing growth opportunities in Italy and abroad, by offering sustainable and competitive solutions.

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Our solutions for energy market

Telecommunications, engineering and operating third party plants. We provide solutions for third parties in Telecommunications (housing telecommunication equipment and maintenance services involving fiber optic networks), Engineering (developing technical solutions and supplying innovative services), Operating third party plants (operating and maintaining high voltage and very high voltage plants). 

Did you know
In December 2015, the purchase of the high voltage grid from Gruppo Ferrovie dello Stato, entailing the transfer of a contract for housing and maintenance of the fibre-optic network of Basictel, generated 5.6 million in revenue in 2016.

Private interconnectors

In 2006 an EU law defining the guidelines for the creation of interconnections with other countries by subjects other than grid operators was introduced. The law was put in place in order to support the development of a single electricity market by expanding the infrastructure to allow greater interconnection with other countries.

The European indications were adopted by Italian law (Law 99/2009), assigning Terna the responsibility for carrying out public tenders to select companies willing to finance specific interconnections.

Did you know
The new Italy-France interconnection, developed between the nodes of Piossasco and Grande Île, makes the French electricity border the most important for Italy. It increases the cross-border interconnection capacity by 1200 MW. The power line, currently under construction, is 190 km long and will be the longest underground line in the world. The line has been designed sustainably, to limit its environmental impact.


Thanks to the acquisition of Tamini, one of the most important groups in Europe in terms of designing, producing and selling industrial and power electrical transformers, Terna can offer services including the construction, repair and sales of electrical machinery.

Did you know
Tamini is the manufacturer of the most powerful transformer in the world for steelworks, located in Turkey.

Our commitment to providing solutions in renewable energy

In November 2016, together with Rete Ferrovaria Italiana, Terna signed a Letter of Intent with the aim of working together to identify and carry out initiatives related to developing renewables in Italy. The agreement foresees the development of a joint project to create photovoltaic plants that will power RFI’s electricity consumption with clean energy.

Did you know
The project that is currently being examined by Terna and RFI would not only be the largest operation of its kind, but also the first, in the photovoltaic energy sector in Italy to be carried out as a grid parity. This means no government incentives and, in contrast with the past, no additional charges falling to households and businesses.