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Italian excellence with a dual purpose. We are among the leading electricity transmission system operators (TSO) in Europe in terms of kilometres of lines managed. 

Our Group plays a dual role: 

  • Terna is the majority owner of the Italian high voltage and very high voltage electricity National Transmission Grid. We operate in a natural monopoly and our public service mission is to secure the transmission and dispatching of electricity throughout the country. 90% of our activities are conducted in the regulated market. Our role is crucial in the operation of the entire system. We work to guarantee the supply of electricity to all, companies and private individuals alike. 
  • Listed on the Stock Exchange since 2004 and with around 70% floating shares, Terna focuses on efficiency, profitability and performance, as our results continually demonstrate. With consolidated expertise gained in the management of the Italian grid, we have invested in market activities, with innovative solutions for the energy market and international projects.

Key figures​

72,900 KM
high voltage lines operated
interconnection lines with other countries
Italian electricity needs covered by renewable sources
employees at 31 December 2018
6.2 BILLION euro
investments in regulated activities envisaged over the five-year period 2019-2023
2.2 BILLION euro
revenue in 2018

Dispatching, our core business

We are responsible for the transmission and management of electricity flows on the high and very high voltage grid over the whole of Italy. We ensure that there is a constant balance between demand and supply of energy (known as dispatching). Similar to the conductor of an orchestra that "calls" on the different instruments to play and sets the tempo for members of the orchestra, at the National Control Centre, our experts manage the transit of every kWh, from the power stations right through to the major consumption centres.

Dispatching is the series of activities that are needed to maintain this balance, 365 days a year and 24/7, and represent the heart of our mission. In recent years, dispatching has become increasingly complex, as a result of significant development in renewable sources.

A central role in energy transition

Our unique positioning within Italy enables us to adapt our energy systems to our long-term vision, placing us in a strategic position to promote energy transition towards more efficient and eco-compatible production methods. Indeed, the energy sector is currently experiencing deep-seated changes. The continual growth in renewable energy sources and the progressive decommissioning of traditional generation plants means we are facing new challenges, pushing us to develop innovative high-technology solutions and to modernise the grid in order to connect producers with consumers.

Did you know
In Italy, renewable sources covered in 2018 more than one third of the total energy requirement. From as early as 2012, Italy has achieved, maintained and then improved the European Community target of covering above 27% by 2020.

Constant and growing focus on sustainability 

Our dual role – as primary operator responsible for the electricity transmission service in Italy and as a private company ready to take on new development opportunities – is reflected in our focus on sustainability, as underlined by our motto: “Energy is our responsibility. Responsibility is our energy”.

Terna’s three pillars of sustainability are:

  • listening
  • engaging in dialogue
  • creating value for all stakeholders

Because of our performances, we have been recognised as the global leader of the electric utilities sector in the Dow Jones Sustainability Index.

Decarbonisation is now a shared global goal, and an ever more urgent one at that: Italian law has transposed the European indications with the proposal for an integrated National Energy and Climate Plan (NECP), which provides fundamental guidelines on the development policies for the Italian national energy system. Sent to the European Commission at the beginning of 2019, the plan updated Italy's National Energy Strategy (SEN) goals, taking advantage of a system focused on using renewable sources and becoming more sustainable.

In this scenario, our role is crucial to guide Italy through a complete energy transformation. To help meet this challenge our 2019-2023 Strategic Plan closely links the company’s challenges with sustainability, innovation and dialogue with local communities. .

We manage our services while always remaining mindful of their possible economic, social and environmental repercussions. We strive to create, maintain and consolidate a relationship of mutual trust with our stakeholders, with the intention of aligning strategic development interests with community requirements

In support of the Strategic Plan, our Sustainability Plan plays a role of limiting ESG (environmental, social and governance) and will help us guarantee in the medium term, a reduction in environmental impact, the availability of the necessary intangible capital - in particular human resources - and observance of the principles of integrity, responsibility and transparency.

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The legislative context
Article 1 of the Bersani Decree (Legislative Decree 79/1999) establishes that, among other things, electricity transmission and dispatching activities are reserved for the State and granted in concession to Terna, who also owns the assets of the Italian National Transmission Grid. With the subsequent Ministry of Production Activities Decree (20 April 2005), as amended with the Ministry of Economic Development Decree (15 December 2010), the transmission and dispatching of electricity throughout Italy is guaranteed in concession to Terna until 2030.