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The ISO, the International Organisation for Standardization is the most authoritative body for setting technical regulations that identify the standards for a process, product or service.

The Terna Group has decided to channel its Management Systems (Quality, Environment and Safety) into an Integrated System comprising a single component that extends to all Companies in the Group that are full subsidiaries of Terna S.p.A. Each Company is characterised by specific processes with the interconnections guaranteeing the flow of data between the different companies.

In 2007, having adopted an Integrated Management System, the Terna Group obtained certification for the compliance of its management system with ISO standards.

The successful evaluation provided by the Certification Body, recognises a unique and synergistic system that includes Quality - Environment - Safety - Information Security (in the TIMM context) - Prevention of major incidents - Energy consumption for own uses - Quality Multi-site Live-line working Laboratory - Quality Calibration Centre and Anti-Bribery (first in Italy) and Management of Tangible Assets (first in Italy), i.e. electrical lines and substations.

The Terna Group Management System is a dynamic system, which is open to incorporating regulatory prescriptions, such as those under Italian Legislative Decree 105/15 (Seveso III Law), in which respect a System was implemented for the Prevention of Major Incidents.

Certifications are a core element of our management system
Here below you can find Terna main certifications.

  • Quality

    Since 2001, the Terna Group has a structured management, representation and governance system for its corporate processes to ensure that its organisation functions in the best way possible.

    This system is applied on the basis of guidelines, corporate procedures and organisational documents that govern the overall functioning and management of the Group's activities. The documents outline the tasks and responsibilities for the structure, the functioning of processes and operating methods to execute the various activities.

    The Management System enabled Terna to obtain Quality Certification in 2001 based on the UNI EN ISO 9001:2000 standard. Since this date, Terna has been subject to annual audits/supervision carried out by the Certification Body. As from 2009, Terna has brought its Quality Management System in line with the UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 standard, and as from September 2015 we are compliant with the new UNI EN ISO 9001:2015.


  • Environment


    In 2007 Terna obtained UNI EN ISO 14001:2004 Environmental Management System certification.

    This result reflects the improvements made to managing the impact of the Company's activities on the environment, resulting in the Company obtaining an Environmental Management System during 2007 that allowed for the overall monitoring of the most significant aspects of its environmental impact, setting improvement performances and checking on their implementation.

    UNI EN ISO 14001:2004 refers to the entirety of the Terna Group's activities, in terms of those carried out at existing plants, the head office in Rome and the operational sites throughout Italy, as well as the new investments to develop the national electricity transmission grid that is currently being designed and implemented.

    In September 2018, Terna upgraded its Environmental Management System according to the ISO 14001:2015 standard and acquired the relevant certification.
  • Occupational Safety

    In 2007 Terna obtained BS OHSAS 18001:2007 certification for its occupational health and safety management system. 

    Management based on this standard will help Terna apply the mandatory provisions of Italian Legislative Decree 81/08 and other laws referring to the prevention and protection of workers in the most effective and efficient way possible, and strive to continually improve its processes and results in respect of workers' health and safety


  • Anti-Bribery

    In January 2017, Terna became the first Italian company to obtain the ISO 37001 certification for its Anti-Bribery Management System, which applies to the Parent Group, Terna Rete Italia and Terna Plus (for all activities carried out in Italy).

    This makes Terna the first in Italy to currently hold a certified Anti-Bribery Management System.

    The aforementioned standard specifies the requirements to implement, monitor and improve the prevention of corruption, at a national level, potentially carried out by employees and anyone carrying out activities in the name of or on behalf of the companies which apply the system.

    The Anti-Bribery Management System represents an organisational tool for the prevention, identification and resolution of corruption in order to avoid or mitigate corporate risk, the costs associated with corruption, and the damage which involvement can cause in the fight against corruption, increasing trust and promoting security in commercial relationships.

    The efforts made to obtain certification of the Anti-Bribery System have made the Terna Group much more aware of some of its strengths:

    - the integration of all corporate management systems makes it possible to quickly incorporate new regulatory frameworks;
    - the effectiveness of pre-existing processes, internal systems and organisational control models;
    - the close cooperation between the different corporate Functions made it possible to align the system to regulatory requirements.

    The Terna Group recognises its anti-bribery system as a key component of its management approach.

    The voluntary decision by Terna management to adopt an international standard, extending beyond regulatory requirements, is based on its determination to:
    - further contain the risk of corruption in respect of the Public Administration and among private individuals;
    - increase the effectiveness of anti-bribery controls, with consequent benefits in economic terms and to the corporate image,
    - significantly reduce the impact of a corruptive event, should this occur despite existing policies and the procedures in place,
    - provide proof of the measures adopted to prevent the crime,
    - and finally, provide objective proof on a financial level, that it has one of the prerequisites to obtain the Legality Rating, i.e.: "to have adopted an organisational model to prevent and fight corruption"..

  • Energy


    In 2015 Terna obtained UNI EN ISO 50001:2011 Energy Management System certification.

    The standard specifies the requirements for creating, launching, maintaining and improving an energy management system. The aim of this system is to allow organisations to continually improve their energy management with a structured approach.

    Putting in place an energy management system regarding the electricity we consume for our own purposes, in addition to adding value to our corporate image, also contributes to reducing energy consumption, reflecting ethical conduct in respecting the environment and guaranteeing effective control over the risk of possible wrongful electricity drawdowns. Furthermore, public opinion is afforded a positive image of a company that guarantees transparency in its energy management.

    Our Company also pays close attention to the issue of Energy Efficiency. This was the reason for implementing an Energy Management System, which in 2015 obtained UNI CEI EN ISO 50001:2011 certification.

    Energy efficiency is a fundamental issue for Terna, and falls within the scope of the Company's broadest commitment in terms of sustainable development for the continent. The European Union has set ambitious environmental objectives for 2020: not only to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 20% and to use renewable energy sources to cover at least 20% of the energy requirement, but also to increase energy efficiency to the extent of reducing energy consumption by 20%.

    In line with the directives issued by the Italian Federation for the Rational use of Energy [FIRE – "Federazione Italiana per l’uso Razionale dell’Energia", the Energy Manager at Terna together with his working group, is involved in the Corporate Energy Management System: by coordinating the development and certification of the System, as well as drafting the energy diagnoses required by Italian Legislative Decree 102/2014 and the MED Guidelines. Terna's Energy Manager also provides support to top management in developing energy efficiency tools, such as the monitoring of consumption in real time at offices and electrical substations.

    Based on its Energy Management System, Terna undertakes to make improvements on three levels. At a systemic level, by introducing improvements to the monitoring of territorial references and in the returns on internal and external checking. At an infrastructure level, by consolidating and extending the on-line monitoring of electricity consumption at Offices and electrical substations. At a personnel level, by providing all employees with the on-line course

  • Asset Management

    On 2 July 2018, Terna obtained ISO 55001:2014 certification of its Asset Management System

    Terna is the first Italian company to obtain international certification in line with ISO 55001:2014 “Asset Management” for its tangible-asset management system (source: Accredia database), regarding electrical lines and substations.

    Certification in line with the ISO 55001:2014 standard guarantees effective and efficient management of power lines and electrical substations that are part of the national transmission grid throughout their entire lifecycle and the achievement of high levels of sustainable performance. An integral part of the asset management system is predictive maintenance which, from surveys of the status of the single components, makes it possible to accurately define the technical condition of the infrastructures, identifying the work to be done in a targeted manner. This permits an optimisation of the costs and a reduction in the related environmental and social risks.

    This certification represents further confirmation of the high levels of performance achieved by Terna in relation to the international ITOMS (related to electricity utilities on asset maintenance) and ITAMS (related to electricity utilities on asset management) frameworks.
  • SGSI – Information Security Management System - ISMS

    On 14 September 2011, Terna obtained ISO/IEC 27001:2005 certification for application of the “Integrated Text on the Supervision of the Electricity Market”, shared with the Regulatory Authority for Electricity, Gas and Water.

    Since this date, Terna has been subject to annual audits/supervision carried out by the Certification Body. From 2015, for certification under the standard ISO 27001:2013, Terna has updated an international standard that provides the requirements for an Information Security Management System (ISMS), covering, in particular, all aspects that relate to the security (physical, logical and organisational) of IT resources.

  • LST Multisite Working Laboratory Accreditation

    On 13 February 2014, Terna Rete Italia SpA received accreditation for testing at its multisite laboratory (Viverone, Civitavecchia and Frattamaggiore) of equipment used for live-line working and conductive clothing for operating in full compliance with the standard ISO/IEC 17025:2005. The accreditation will allow the same tests to be carried out on equipment used for live-line working by external clients, where required.

    LST multisite laboratory contacts and list of accredited tests

    To display the list of accredited tests click on the link associated with the name of the Terna Rete Italia SpA LST laboratory of interest.

    1431 A

    Terna Rete Italia SpA - Viverone LST Test Laboratory

    Strada Statale 228

    13886 - Viverone (BI)

    1431 B

    Terna Rete Italia SpA - Civitavecchia LST Test Laboratory

    Via Tirso snc

    00053 - Civitavecchia (RM)

    1431 C

    Terna Rete Italia SpA - Frattamaggiore LST Test Laboratory

    Via Francesco D’Ambrosio 35

    80027 - Frattamaggiore (NA)


    Giorgio De Donà

    Manager of the LST
    Multisite Laboratory

    Mob: +39 329 9449115
    Fax: 01 61987408
  • Accreditation of Multisite Calibration Centre

    On 22 May 2017, Terna Rete Italia S.p.A. obtained accreditation for metrological testing activities on active electrical energy meters and on electricity measurement systems, used to determine energy flows for tax purposes.

    The accreditation complies with the obligation imposed by the Customs Agency and represents the organisational and technical tool for guaranteeing the technical competence of the Multisite Calibration Centre and the laboratory's impartiality in conducting the metrological testing on active electrical energy meters and on electricity measurement systems used to determine energy flows.