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Over the years, the complexity of the physical threats faced by Terna’s sites has made it necessary to adopt a range of measures to curtail the risks posed by breaking and entering, theft and damage to the plants, in order to ensure the continuity of the electricity service.

Staying up to date at all times on the risks and potential threats to which Terna and its international stakeholders are exposed — as well as on measures to limit them — is of fundamental importance in having a security system that works well.

Security Operations Center (SOC): integrated security and protection

Terna’s Security Operations Center (SOC) monitors the risk areas to which the company is exposed in real time. Thanks to its control, governance and coordination activities, it is able to guarantee integrated, real-time protection.


The physical security of the substations is guaranteed thanks to equipment, systems and structures that operate 24/7. In particular, our PSIS (Integrated Security System Project for Terna substations) surveillance platform allows the SOC to constantly monitor intrusion alarms and video signals for 212 plants.

Did you know that...

In order to prevent and handle accidental, intentional and malicious events in the best way possible, advanced technologies are used to process over 50 million items of security information coming from ICT platforms and from a sophisticated anti-intrusion and video surveillance system (VideoBox), thus defending Terna’s vast network of computers, systems and offices throughout Italy.

Collaboration with institutions

The SOC maintains strong relationships with external security organisations, both nationally and internationally. The constant flow of information is aimed at preventing attacks on or damage to the group’s infrastructure.

Terna collaborates with the following institutions:

    • the Carabinieri and the Police, in order to ensure rapid contact between police stations and operational centres in the event of physical attacks or damage;
    • the Guardia di Finanza (Italian finance police), in order to ensure strict checks to grant the highest possible number of companies access to tender procedures, and to promote general activities to prevent illegal infiltration attempts.
Our collaboration with the Carabinieri Corps

We have further strengthened a system of communication and rapid intervention shared with the Carabinieri, through which the SOC can rapidly alert the corps in the event that any attempt to break into critical substations is detected. The new system is called O.D.I.N.O. (Operational Device for Information, Networking and Observation), and a secure connection links it to the centralised system for the management of Carabinieri stations throughout Italy.

Our agreement with the police

In 2018, we signed a technical policy with the State Police, under the terms of which the video surveillance systems and the SOC are interconnected with the technological platform used by law enforcement for inspection of the territory (Mercurio NRG). This integration allows any intrusions to be geo-located and rapidly flagged directly to the CEN (Italian National Electronic Centre) of the State Police, after which it is routed to the relevant police station.

To report any events or incidents related to the security of Terna infrastructures, personnel or information, call the free phone number for the Security Operations Center 800 999 666.