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Over the years, the complex nature of physical threats towards Terna’s sites have necessitated the adoption of various measures to contain risks of corruption, theft and damage to plants and, consequently, to ensure the continuity of electricity services.

Being constantly updated on the potential risks and threats Terna and its Italian and international stakeholders are exposed to – as well as the measures to limit them – are key elements to a well-functioning security system. It guarantees a safe workplace in Cyber Security terms, and prevents critical issues and instances of fraud.

Did you know
In 2016, Italy was hit by a dramatic series of earthquakes of sizeable magnitude, all concentrated in central Italy, in the area where the regions of Lazio, Abruzzo, Marche and Umbria meet. From the start, Terna was a member of the Department of Civil Protection’s Operating Committee.

Security operations center (soc): terna’s integrated security and safety

Terna's Security Operations Centre (SOC) instantly monitors risk areas Terna is exposed to. Through its control, governance and co-ordination activities, it can ensure real-time integrated security.

The physical security of substations is ensured through devices, systems and divisions operating 24/7.

Terna has developed the surveillance platform PSIS (Integrated Physical Security System for Terna Substations), that allows the dedicated surveillance centre - the Security Operation Center - to continuously monitor any intrusion alarms and video signals coming from 184 structures.

Did you know
To prevent and expertly manage accidental, intentional or malicious events, over 50 million items of security information coming from ICT platforms and from a sophisticated Video Surveillance and Anti-intrusion system are processed with the aid of cutting-edge technology to defend Terna’s extensive pool of computers, systems and offices across the entire country.

Moving to smart surveillance with SETA
To further raise the protection level for Terna’s critical assets, in 2016 implementation of a new and more advanced integrated management and security event representation system began, known as SETA. Through an innovative approach to security, the new platform aims to integrate physical and logical security systems into a single central infrastructure, correlating information coming from various sources to more precisely and promptly identify risk situations. At the same time, Terna’s VideoBox video surveillance system is used, which is light, flexible, economical and quick to install.

Collaboration with Institutions
The SOC maintains strong relationships with external security bodies both within Italy and internationally. The constant exchange of information is aimed at preventing attacks or damage to the Group's infrastructure.

Terna collaborates with the following institutions:

  • with the CERT Nazionale and the Computer Crime Prevention Working Group (CNAIPIC) to encourage the exchange of information for the prevention of cyber threats and prepare for nationwide IT security issues;
  • with the Italian military police and the national police force to promptly connect police stations and operating centres in the event of physical attacks or damages;
  • with the Italian finance police to ensure strict checks and grant access to the highest possible number of companies to tender procedures and promote broader prevention activities for attempts at illegal infiltration.

To report events or accidents relative to the security of Terna’s infrastructure, people or informations the SOC can be contacted as indicated in our website.

The complete TERNA-CERT profile (RFC2350) can be consulted at link