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At Terna, contracts for works, services and supplies are awarded following tender procedures that ensure the utmost transparency, objectivity, proportionality and fairness for all bidding companies.
These procedures are also carried out in compliance with applicable legislation and Terna's Code of Ethics and organizational model as per Italian Legislative Decree No. 231/2001.

Terna requires its suppliers to adopt conduct consistent with the principles of legality and ethics, with respect for human rights and environmental protection. The conduct that suppliers are required to follow is summarized in the Supplier Code of Conduct.

Furthermore, Terna manages its Assets in compliance with ISO 55001:2014 and in accordance with the Integrated Policy, supporting employees and suppliers in performing their activities and making them aware of their contribution to the effectiveness of the Asset Management System.

Depending on the subject and amount, some tenders are preceded by the publication of the notice in the Official Journal of the European Community (OJEC) and in the Official Journal of the Italian Republic (GURI). To find notices of interest and participate in Terna tenders, click on “PROCUREMENT PORTAL”.

For many tender procedures, only previously qualified suppliers are entitled to bid. For more information on the qualification process, click on “COMPANY QUALIFICATION”.