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    In 10 years of work and with € 10 billion invested, we have created one of the most modern grids in Europe, with state-of-the art technology. This has already translated into savings of € 7 billion for private citizens and companies, which with future developments will reach 33 billion. A huge saving thanks to Terna: an asset for the Country.
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    Top-down protection for country's development

    Italy is growing together with Terna. With 750 companies at work, 200 open construction sites, 4,000 people employed and € 6.6 billion of investment planned, Terna relays positive energy to the Italian economy. A modern, efficient and sustainable grid, and a responsible commitment to citizens, families and companies. A great commitment thanks to Terna: an asset for the Country.
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    We are mapping out new routes for Italian energy.

    Italy is at the forefront of innovation in energy grids. Two undersea lines in Sicily and Sardinia that are unique at a global level. We are transforming the Italian electricity grid, with cutting-edge solutions, using naturalistic engineering with low environmental impacts. There are significant environmental benefits with a reduction in CO2 emissions of 15 million tonnes over the next few years. An environmentally friendly future. A future created by Terna: an asset for the Country.
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    We have the highest regard for the environment

    Respecting the environment is of great strategic importance for Terna. This is the reason why we have opened dialogue with the WWF, Legambiente and Greenpeace to create a more sustainable project for Italy. Over 600 km of old power lines were decommissioned between 2010 and 2015, freeing up extended areas in various regions of Italy. Innovative pylons with a reduced environmental impact are being used, taking up 10 times less space than traditional pylons. This is Terna's environmental culture: an asset for the Country.

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The Terna Group is the first grid operator for electricity transmission in Europe. 

Through Terna Rete Italia the Group safely manages the National Transmission Grid with over 72,000 km of HV lines.

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