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Terna shares have been listed on the Milan Stock Exchange since June 23, 2004.

The main reference Indexes are the FTSE MIB, which consist of the 40 major Italian and foreign companies listed on the markets managed by the Milan Stock Exchange, and the DJ STOXX Utilities, which includes European companies that are involved in the utility sector.

All the shares listed on the Italian Stock Exchange are distinguished by an alphanumeric code that has international validity, namely the ISIN Code - International Securities Identification Number.

The ISIN code for Terna is IT0003242622. Terna shares are also identified by another code for the UK markets: Code SEDOL1 B01BN57.

Shares can be identified also with an abbreviation or ticker that varies according to the market: the abbreviation for Terna shares listed on the Italian Stock Exchange is TRN.

Depending on the financial news agencies (Bloomberg, Reuters) the suffix of the abbreviation may vary, as follows:

AgencyItalian Stock Exchange (Terna Shares)