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The Committees have been allocated the tasks provided for by the Corporate Governance Code. With a view to the continuous improvement of the system of corporate governance, the Control and Risk, Corporate Governance and Sustainability Committee was also recognised as having expertise related to the Corporate Governance System. The criteria for the composition, tasks and responsibilities attributed in compliance with the Corporate Governance Code and the modalities of carrying out the meetings have been ruled through proper internal organisational Regulations adopted by the Board of Directors.

At least one member of the Remuneration Committee possesses adequate knowledge and experience in financial matters or issues related to the remuneration policy, and at least one member of the Control and Risk, Corporate Governance and Sustainability Committee possesses adequate knowledge of accounting and finance matters or risk management.

The Board of Directors also established another Committee (the Related-Party Transactions Committee) as the body entrusted with the role required by "the Regulation containing provisions concerning related-party transactions" issued by CONSOB in March 2010, as amended, and on the basis of the provisions in the "Related-Party Transactions Procedures” adopted by the Company. This Committee is formed by three Directors all of which are independent.