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Chairman of the Committee: Paola Giannotti

Members: Marco Giorgino, Gabriella Porcelli

The Audit and Risk, Corporate Governance and Sustainability Committee is composed exclusively of non-executive and independent directors. At least one member has adequate experience in accounting and finance or risk-management matters.

The Committee has been attributed the responsibilities defined in the Corporate Governance Code which Terna adheres to. It has a proposal-making and advisory role in supporting the Board in terms of evaluation and decisions regarding the internal audit and risk-management system. It periodically reviews the suitability of these in relation to the characteristics of the business and the risk profile taken on, as well as assessing their efficiency. Together with the Executive in Charge of the preparation of accounting documents, the Auditing Company and the Board of Statutory Auditors, it assesses the correct application of accounting principles and their uniformity for the preparation of the consolidated financial statements.
The Committee has also been assigned responsibilities in relation to the Corporate Governance and Sustainability system, under the terms of art. 7.C.1 lett. g) of the Corporate Governance Code.