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Corporate ethics are a crucial part of the internal control and management system aimed at managing risks that may compromise the responsible operation of the business. Terna has adopted the only integrated security system of its kind in Italy, which combines principles and regulations contained in the Code of Ethics, the Organisational Model 231 and the Anti-Fraud Policy through close collaboration with Italian and international companies, bodies and regulatory authorities thanks to important agreements with institutions.

In our role as an infrastructure company with extensive investments, we have adopted measures to prevent and combat crime, as well as latest-generation innovations such as Open and transparent engineering works, the first portal in Italy to release all information regarding contracts, contractors and sub-contractors relating to ongoing electricity works, with data traceability across the entire production line.

The publication of this information, as well as the regular notification of the Guardia di Finanza and the Markets Department of all information and notifications deemed pertinent for the prevention and suppression of irregularities, fraud and any other illicit behaviour of an economic or financial nature, falls into the broader context of “collaborative vigilance” between the ANAC, the Anti-Corruption Department of the Guardia di Finanza and Terna. Our common mission: to reinforce legality in a sector of strategic importance to the recovery of the Italian economy.

To further contribute to transparency as much as possible, we have also implemented an online whistleblowing procedure; the so-called whistleblowing : this is a legal tool through which employees and third parties may promptly and confidentially report fraud, risks or potentially damaging situations.

In the integrated management system, corporate ethics also includes employee training activities regarding the implementation of rules into practice and how to confront and mitigate critical situations. Terna’s way of doing business in electricity transmission and our commitment to respecting the environment are illustrated in the Code of Ethics.

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