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Terna has always been particularly focused on preventing risks which may compromise the responsible and sustainable management of its business. As such, in compliance with the provisions of the Corporate Governance Code for companies liked on the Italian Stock Exchange and ANAC, Terna has introduced a Whistleblowing Procedure, an online tool available to anyone who wishes to report situations which may result in damage or detriment to the company such as fraud, general risk or a potentially dangerous situation.

The portal is one of the internal control systems adopted by the Terna Group to combat corruption, ensure correctness and transparency in the performance of its business and activities, and safeguard the Group's position and reputation.

Any such reports much be made in good faith and may not be made anonymously. To protect the “whistleblower” and the “accused”, appropriate safety measures have been adopted: the identity of the whistleblower and the content of their report shall be kept confidential through the use of secure protocols and cryptographic tools which enable the protection of personal data and information, including any attachments.

The corporate body responsible for the management of whistleblowing reports is the Ethics Committee, whose members, appointed by the Chief Executive Officer, are chosen to represent a mixed point of view and a balance of different Group companies, company departments and roles.

For the performance of the control activities, the Ethics Committee shall work with the Audit, Fraud Management and Model 231 Protection Departments. Reports will be managed transparently according to a predefined procedure. The entire process ensures the protection of whistleblowers from pressure and discrimination, of a direct or indirect nature, from those persons charged with investigating the reports, as well as allowing the whistleblower to follow the status of the investigation.

The identity of the whistleblower is never released without his/her express consent, except in the specific cases provided by law.

Whistleblowing is a further key component of Terna's integrated security system the only system of its kind in Italy.

Did you know
Terna’s Whistleblowing portal was actually created prior to the recent amendment to the relevant Law Decree approved by the Chamber of Deputies on 15 November extending whistleblowing legislation to the private sector. The wider scope of application of the legislation was laid down by an amendment to art. 6 of Italian Legislative Decree no. 231/01 which Terna swiftly adopted, updating its Model 231 document from 01 December 2017.

Through the use of secure communication protocols and encryption systems, the portal:

  • protects the identity of the whistleblower and guarantees his/her identity is not released without express consent;
  • protects the identity of the accused;
  • maintains the confidentiality of information in all contexts following the report;
  • allows digital management of reports by the divisions responsible for receiving and checking them.