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Uto Ughi’s mini-tour ends on 20 December in Palermo, at the Teatro Politeama Garibaldi: a tour organised to play the best of high-calibre music to the local communities involved in Terna's projects, in the name of sharing, participation and passion for national artistic events. The intention behind this idea was for Terna to transmit energy into culture, thus enhancing its role as a responsible player, as a promoter of social and cultural growth, dedicated to developing and making known the wealth of Italian talent and artistic excellence.

An exciting mini-tour of concerts takes place in four Italian cities, which have Terna to thank for the pleasure of hosting the maestro’s performances. This is a partnership between two examples of Italian excellence, with the aim of playing the best of high-calibre music to the local communities affected by Terna projects.

The stages
Lucca: 5 May at the Church of San Francesco during the Lucca Classical Music Festival;
Padova: 21 September in the Hall of Giants at the Palazzo Liviano for “The Violin’s Triumph” concert during the Veneto Festival 2018;
Naples: 31 October at the Bellini Theatre with Andrea Bacchetti on the piano;
Palermo: 20 December at the Politeama Theatre with the Sicilian Symphonic Orchestra for the grand finale.

«The Terna with Uto Ughi Initiative is an example of the attention the company pays to local communities, bringing to them great classical music, with a particular attention to young students, supporting culture is indeed one of the elements constituting a sustainable approach to society», commented Luca Torchia, Head of External Relations and Sustainability at Terna.

«With this collaboration, Terna demonstrates its commitment to the promotion of culture and society, the initiative is a constructive example of how companies can positively contribute to the diffusion of the country’s culture and social growth, through the combining of two worlds which appear to have nothing in common, to create a model of corporate policy which is a splendid example for the rest of the country to follow», stated Maestro Uto Ughi.