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Over the last few years Terna has embarked on a plan to restructure the electricity grid in Florence

After constructing an “invisible” underground 132 kV cable that supplies the main station of Monte alle Croci, Terna commences the dismantling of 3 km of the old overhead connections, removing 17 pylons. This operation will increase the efficiency and security of the energy flows and bring substantial environmental benefits, restoring a vast green space to the territory with areas of high landscape and cultural interest.

The operation is part of a more extensive plan implemented by Terna over the last few years, aimed at restructuring and modernising the electricity grid in Florence which has become obsolete and is no longer able to meet the city’s current energy requirements. The aim is to ensure a more efficient and secure electricity system for the city. Overall, the modernisation plan envisages the development of 16 km of underground cables and the dismantling of around 20 km of old power lines, as well as a programme of extraordinary maintenance works on around 30 km of existing overhead lines.