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From 08 December, and throughout the Christmas period, the Torre di Arnolfo in Florence will be lit up with the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals. The initiative, promoted by Terna in collaboration with Global Compact Network Italia, aims to highlight the goals set by the UN in 2015 for a more sustainable world.

The SDGs will replace the previous Millennium Development Goals applied in the first fifteen years of the third millennium. The new agenda, which looks ahead to 2030, sets the target of continuing the work which began with the MDGs and completing outstanding actions.

The 17 new goals, associated with 169 specific targets, fall into three macro-areas: ending extreme poverty, fighting inequality and injustice and combating climate change and threats to the environment. In order to reach these goals, the UN has specifically highlighted the importance of collaboration between institutions, civilians and businesses. The 17th goal “Partnership for the goals” is particularly important, underlining the need for increasing synergy between the public and private sectors.

Like all the countries that signed the 2030 Agenda, Italy has undertaken to define a concrete national strategy in line with the general goals established by the United Nations. Specifically, a document has been carefully drafted by the Italian Ministry for the Environment, by order of the Prime Minister’s Office, defining the national strategy, from which an action plan will be derived, containing the 2030 goals and precise identification of how they will be implemented.

In this context, businesses will play a fundamental role. Terna is among those which have launched programmes to support the achievement of the goals through its business model. Participation in the Firenze Light Festival is a perfect example. The city will see the 17 UN objectives projected onto the Torre di Arnolfo tower in Florence.

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