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Innovation and digitization are fundamental in an increasingly complex energy context and represent an enabling factor for our strategy. We intend to invest over € 700 million in these areas over the next five years, through initiatives ranging from new digital systems for infrastructure management and diagnostics to drones and robots; from satellites for remote monitoring of power lines and power stations, to the most advanced methods of processing big data. With a new organizational culture, Terna's personnel, processes and IT management are all involved in this significant evolution. We have adopted an industrial approach to innovation, focusing development choices on the most relevant technological trends for our business - the IoT (Internet of Things), advanced energy systems and innovative materials - and we are implementing an open innovation model through dialogue and continuous liaison with universities, research centres, startups and other companies.

From this context the Innovation Hubs were conceived, laboratories where new business projects can be created, developed and tested in a concrete manner. Our aim is to establish a community of people with different experiences and skills, thus promoting the integration of skills and the development of industrial solutions with larger scale applications. The synergy with the local communities is fundamental in order to identify excellence and distinctive skills across Italy.

The Turin Hub will focus on IoT and advanced monitoring systems for power plants. There are four project areas: satellites, drones, robots and advanced sensors, all functional to increasingly dynamic and innovative grid control in order to ensure the efficiency and security of the system.


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