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We’re doing our best to minimise the impact of our work. We waited until the end of the scholastic year and organised a free weekend shuttle bus service between Avigliana and the lakes area. We’re working non-stop, 24 hours a day, to make sure we finish by September. However, none of this alleviates the inconvenience for those, like you, who have to put up with more queues or slow-moving traffic while travelling this road connecting Italy and France.

That’s why we feel it’s important to tell you what we’re doing to improve the Italy – France power line, an unprecedented project of engineering, technology and environmental solutions that will greatly benefit citizens and businesses.

The power line in brief
At 190 km, 95 in France and 95 in Italy, this will be the longest invisible DC power line cable in the world. Partly integrated into the existing highway infrastructure, the underground cable will link the Piossasco (Turin) and Grande-Île (Sainte-Hélène du Lac) electrical substations, passing through the second Frejus tunnel without affecting the landscape.
The benefits. The new infrastructure is essential because it will increase the electricity exchange capacity between France and Italy by 40%, strengthening the cooperation between the countries. The result will be a more secure system, an uncongested grid, and a reduction in energy cost. A well-connected grid is essential for a cleaner country. In fact, the new infrastructure will make it possible to integrate energy production from renewable sources into the transmission system, reducing CO2 emissions according to the de-carbonisation targets set by the European Union for 2030.

How long will the work take?
The worksites will be operational 24 hours a day for approximately 12 consecutive weeks. The works will therefore end in September (read the press release, September 26th). In this stage, the worksite will affect 8.5 km of the SP589 main road, on the stretch between the Monte Cuneo and Antica di Francia tunnels. For the entire duration of the works, one lane will remain closed to enable the excavation and cable-laying work. Therefore, the tunnels will remain open with only one-way traffic: 12 hours a day in one direction, the other 12 in the other.
A team effort. Over the last few months, in collaboration with the Municipality of Avigliana, the traffic police, SITAF and the local municipalities involved, Terna has researched the best solutions for minimising the worksite’s impact on the area. This is why we decided to work while schools are not in session, because there is less traffic. The zone affected by the worksite is an important connection to tourist destinations, and therefore, to accommodate for the inconvenience, we are providing a free shuttle bus service between Avigliana and the area around the lakes every weekend for the duration of the works. Additionally, Terna guarantees continuous updates to provide information on the progress of the works, including through the Municipality’s website.