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This year, Terna stands alongside the city of Genoa which was tragically hit by the collapse of the Morandi bridge. We are aiding the development and rebuilding of Ligurian communities, creating a support network amongst people in urban areas and across the territory. The project aims to offer concrete help to Genoese citizens, supporting growth of the community and rebuilding of the area’s economic and social fabric.

For the local economy
A Christmas gift with all the flavours of Liguria such as pesto and regional sweet and savoury specialities like pandolce and trofie pasta, for everyone at Terna: we have purchased products for all 4000 employees of the Group, all from Ligurian businesses. Terna’s commitment is inspired by the people and the territory, offering concrete support for the local economy and sending a message of solidarity to this city recently hit by tragedy.

For innovation
Alongside people, innovation is one of the key factors enabling Terna's development strategy. This Christmas also sees a solid undertaking to renovate the laboratory of the Ospedale Pediatrico Gaslini in Genoa. The project represents an innovative step forward in medical-scientific technology for the stem-cell research laboratory focused on bone-marrow transplant. The renovation will start in early 2019 and Terna will follow the work closely.

The historic Giannina Gaslini institute of Genoa
The structure was inaugurated on 15 May 1938. Gerolamo Gaslini, the founder of the institute dedicated to his prematurely lost daughter, decided to leave his entire wealth to the hospital. His dedication was rooted in the desire to guarantee the highest possible levels of efficiency for a public structure of such great importance for treatment and research into child illness. In this context, the renovation financed by Terna represents an important step in terms of technological development and research in the scientific field. The laboratory for Processing/Freezing blood stem cells using liquid nitrogen requires a series of works to bring it in line with new regulations issued by the Italian National Transplant Centre. All blood stem cells used in transplants with paediatric patients at the Gaslini hospital are processed and stored in a CryoBank. Specifically, the hospital manages the laboratory activity traditionally known as “bone-marrow transplant”, for the treatment of child leukaemia and correction of congenital defects such as immunodeficiencies, certain metabolic conditions and many congenital illnesses.