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Dialogo con i cittadini

The discussion with local communities is a fundamental step for our grid development plan. At “Terna incontra” we talk directly with those who live in the areas that will host the new infrastructure. We demonstrate and explain the projects and listen to opinions, suggestions and requests for clarification from the local area. We are ready to share improved solutions for the installation of new works or the renovation of existing ones in a way that respects environmental and landscape-related commitments. We therefore create the conditions for “building” an ever-more sustainable national electricity grid together.

For projects recognised at the level of the European Union, which contribute to the integration of energy markets, the public consultation process is mandatory in accordance with European Regulation no. 347/2013 which defines Projects of Common Interest (PCIs).

Terna meets Calabria

More and more energy from renewable sources
A new power line to improve the quality of service in the province of Catanzaro.

Terna meets Tuscany and Sardinia

Development of the historic SA.CO.I. 3
Piano strategico
A more efficient and cost-effective electricity system.