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The benefits. The new power line will increase the interconnection capacity between Italy and Austria, guaranteeing greater energy exchange, carrying lower-cost electricity from abroad towards consumption centres, with subsequent benefits for the electricity system. The new infrastructure complies with the requirements set by IT Law 99/2009 regarding the creation of infrastructure for interconnection with other countries in order to supply electricity at lower prices, in line with prices across Europe. A well-interconnected grid is also fundamental for sustainable development and decarbonisation of the energy mix, allowing more secure and efficient integration of increasing levels of renewable energy.

The project. The new 220 kV power line will have minimal impact on the landscape, and the Italian stretch will be around 24 km long. The line will be created entirely with underground cable and will connect the Nauders substation in Austria with the Glorenza substation in Val Venosta. This sustainable project guarantees significant benefits for the local area and the entire national electricity system.

Dialogue. The new stretch is the product of ongoing consultation between Terna and all parties involved, and the planned project satisfies the requests made by local stakeholders. This is all aimed at combining the creation of secure and efficient infrastructure with the requirements of the local population, through a strategy characterised by sustainability and sharing, which is central to Terna's dialogue with local communities. In order to guarantee the greatest possible levels of citizen and institutional involvement, between 2015 and 2016, Terna organised a series of information days in the Municipalities of Malles and Curon. During these events, in addition to presenting the features of the work, participants’ comments and suggestions were also collected.

The stages. After two years of concentrated and fruitful dialogue with local parties, in October 2017, Terna signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Province of Bolzano and the Municipalities of Curon and Malles regarding the various project options. The project is awaiting authorisation from the Ministry of Economic Development.