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The benefits. The goal of the grid restructuring in the Lucca area is to guarantee service continuity for private and industrial users and prevent outages. Tuscany is a region where electricity demand actually outstrips production. Currently, the electricity grid in the area is at the limit of its available transport capacity, so local congestion often occurs.

The project. The work will create a transformer substation in an area along the border between Lucca and Vecchiano, connecting the 132 kV and 380 kV grids. The new station will have a small footprint (around 13,000 square metres) and will be the starting point of underground connections for the 132°kV line (see photo), while the 380 kV connections will be in a single piling. The works will guarantee greater service security, reliability and quality in the area between Lucca and Pisa.

Dialogue. The plan presented by Terna is the result of a coordinated process of consultation and dialogue with local stakeholders to select the most appropriate solution. Terna has presented four different proposals, evaluating the costs and benefits with all interested parties, citizens, local authorities and ministries. Next came the Ministry of the Environment's decision, which identified option B1 as the best solution.

The stages. In December 2013, Terna presented the authorisation request to the Ministry of Economic Development. In March 2015, following an inspection by the Technical Commission for the Evaluation of Environmental Impact, the Regional Authority of Tuscany and ARPA (regional agencies for environmental protection) evaluated possible alternatives. In January 2016, a Terna Incontra event was held at Nozzano Castello to discuss the possible solutions with citizens in the Lucca area. Following concentrated dialogue with local stakeholders, three alternatives to the initial proposal were presented. At the end of this process, the Ministry of the Environment selected option B1. The next step is an authorisation decree from the Ministry of Economic Development, required to launch works.