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Why install a new power line?
Terna incontraOn 17 December, Terna will meet with the citizens of Auronzo di Cadore, in the Belluno province, to introduce the project for restructuring the transmission grid in the Alto Bellunese area. This is the fourth stage of public meetings initiated by Terna to share the new version of the plan with the citizens: a version which has been researched in order to make further improvements in line with the best sustainability and environmental protection standards. The project is necessary to make the electricity grid more efficient and secure and to avoid environmental impacts by using underground cables.
The project
This project provides for a new 132 kV, 24 km long underground cable connection between the Zuel and Somprade electrical substations (15 km in Cortina and 9 km in Auronzo), as well as a new 132/220 kV, 1.5 hectare electrical substation in Auronzo, in Cima Cogna. The project will make it possible to interconnect the existing 132 kV lines with each other and to connect them to the existing 220 kV line which currently runs from Lienz (Austria) to the lower Veneto area without issuing energy into the Alto Bellunese area electricity grid.

The benefits
The project aims to improve the continuity and security of the energy transmission service. The variation will minimise the presence of overhead power lines, which will benefit the area. More specifically, about 1 km of the 132 kV electricity line “Ponte Malon-Pelos/Somprade” will be removed from the residential area thanks to an alternative underground cable of the same length. A total of 4 electricity pylons will demolished (see foto gallery), one of which is currently ubicated near “Beata Gaetana Sterni” elderly care home. The 220 kV connecting line running from Lienz and leading to the new Cima Gogna substation, initially planned as an aerial line, will also be buried.
Map of demolitions on the Somprade - Campolongo NK line
The stages
  • The project is the result of a listening and discussion process that Terna began in 2016 with the Municipalities of Auronzo di Cadore and Cortina d’Ampezzo;
  • This is the first time that even the local citizens have been involved up to the project pre-approval stage, discussing the project methods directly with them;
  • On 17 December 2018, at the fourth stage of the dialogue with the region, the new project will be introduced before starting the approval process.