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Why install a new power line?

Terna incontra On 2 and 3 April in Catania, on 11st June in Priolo Gargallo and on 12 June in Carlentini we will meet citizens from the provinces of Catania and Syracuse to present the project for the new Paternò-Priolo Gargallo power line. The new line will help to strengthen Eastern Sicily’s energy production plants and make it possible to take full advantage of the capacity of current and future renewable sources. Moreover, because of this project, it will be possible to increase the grid security and operating flexibility in the area. Just in the province of Catania, a large rationalisation programme is planned for the existing grid, with 155 km of existing lines to be demolished and 300 hectares of liberated land.

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The project

The new 380-kV power line will connect the existing electrical substations in Paternò (in the province of Catania) and Priolo Gargallo (in the province of Syracuse) to a new electrical substation, to be built in the Pantano D’Arci area in Catania.

The line will be around 63 km long, with 18 km between the Paternò substation and the new Pantano d’Arci substation and 45 km between the new substation and the Priolo Gargallo substation. About 50% of the new project will be carried out with low environmental impact single-stem pylons; these pylons have a footprint that is 15 times less than that of traditional pylons.

The benefits

Once the project is complete, there will be several advantages for the community:

  • Demolition of 155 km of existing lines;
  • Clearing of 300 hectares of land;
  • Increased security and better quality of service;
  • Increased production capacity made available by renewable energy plants;
  • Reduced energy losses due to grid transport thanks to a more efficient use of the electricity transmission system;
  • Reduced CO2 emissions.
Environmental monitoring for the sustainable development of the project

The project passed the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) process. Thanks to careful planning in collaboration with local institutions (the Sicilian Regional Authority and ARPA Sicilia - Sicily’s Regional Environmental Protection Agency), campaigns are underway to monitor, during construction and upon completion of the works, various elements that define the environmental framework to be protected, such as soil and subsoil, flora and fauna, birdlife, electromagnetic fields, noise, atmosphere and landscape. Studies are also planned for the conservation of the area's archaeological heritage and placement of deterrent devices for migratory birds.

The stages

The project is the result of comparisons and dialogue between Terna and the Regional, Provincial and Municipal Authorities since 2006 and which concluded on 19 February 2018 with an Authorisation Decree form the Italian Ministry of Economic Development.

The Italian Ministry of the Environment and Protection of Land and Sea has granted the project an Environmental Compatibility Decree, in accordance with the Ministry of Cultural Assets and Activities.

Works are scheduled to begin at the end of 2019.

Photo gallery of the demolitions