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Dialogue with the communities

Terna incontraOn 5 March in Belcastro in the province of Catanzaro, 6 March in Mesoraca (Crotone) and 7 March in Sovenia Simeri (Catanzaro), Terna will meet with local communities to discuss the project to install the new power line. Extending for 40 kilometres, the line will develop from Catanzaro to Calusia, passing through the municipalities of Belcastro and Mesoraca. In addition to those mentioned above, several other municipalities are involved in the project: Andali, Cerva, Petronà, Sersale, Cropani, Cotronei, Petilia Policastro, Caccuri, Simeri Crichi, Sellia Marina and Zagarise.

Why is the project important?

The limited transmission capacity offered by the 150 kV electricity grid in the provinces of Catanzaro and Crotone does not optimise the energy generated by existing plants nor permit the safe exchange of available renewable energy. Unlike the current infrastructure now earmarked for demolition, the new power line will not pass through residential areas and disruption for local communities will be minimal. We have launched the consultation phase for the project and will present the feasibility area to the local communities, demonstrating the route - the furthest away from residential areas - where the new line will be developed.

The project

A new 150 kV power line is to be installed between the Catanzaro and Calusia substations, with connections to the Belcastro substation and the primary transformer room at Mesoraca. Once the new line is in place, approximately 90 kilometres of overhead power lines will be removed.

The benefits
There will be numerous benefits for local people and the region:

  • the redevelopment of existing power lines, which will be located further away from residential areas;
  • regional benefits relating to the rationalisation of the power lines in the area;
  • increased grid security and the industrial development of the area thanks to a more efficient use of the electricity transmission system;
  • increase in production from renewable sources;
  • a significant reduction in CO2 emission levels.
How the route of the power line was chosen

The area considered for the construction of the new infrastructure is located between the electrical substations of Calusia and Catanzaro, passing via the primary transformer room of Mesoraca and the Belcastro substation.

The study area was analysed according to environmental criteria, excluding areas where the works would be less desirable or those with particularly critical indications, aiming to identify the most suitable area for the implementation of the infrastructure.

The analysis of the study area led to the identification of an environmental corridor that avoids crossing through areas of particularly scenic or cultural interest and was thus chosen as the most suitable route for the power line.

Once the environmental corridor was defined, the various feasibility areas with the best environmental and technical conditions for the new power line were identified.

Study area area di studio

Environmental corridor -'Il

Feasibility areas


  • Located away from residential areas and affecting a lower percentage of surrounding areas
  • Close to residential areas and affecting a higher percentage of surrounding areas
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