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Dialogue with the community

Terna incontra In four municipalities of the province of Foggia, in Puglia, Terna presents the area identified for the construction of a new 150 kV power line to meet the electricity needs of the area. On 24 October in Troia, Terna will meet the communities of Troia and Castelluccio Valmaggiore and on 25 October in Alberona those of Alberona and Biccari. Two days to present the motivations and advantages of the indispensable operation to increase security and continuity of supply, improve electricity service quality and reduce grid congestion in the area. An important opportunity to present the project and hear citizens’ opinions, suggestions and requests for clarification.

The project
The limited transmission capacity of the 150 kV electricity grid in the northern area of Puglia does not currently enable the best use of the energy produced by the wind farms on the border between Puglia, Campania and Molise, or the secure exchange of the available renewable energy production.

In accordance with environmental and natural landscape constraints, the operation consists of the implementation of a 150 kV power line which will start from the current electrical substation in Troia and will connect to the one in Alberona. The new connection will allow the energy produced by the wind farms to be integrated into the grid.
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The benefits
The new line will facilitate decongestion of the grid, leading to a series of benefits for the electricity system in the area, including the release of the production capacity freed up by the renewable energy plants. The operation will reduce the energy losses on the grid thanks to a more efficient use of the electricity transmission system. Finally, the environment will be cleaner: with better use of renewables instead of conventional energy sources, the levels of CO2 in the atmosphere will be reduced.
Did you know...
Monte Cornacchia, with an altitude of 1,151 metres, is the tallest mountain in the region and is considered the roof of Puglia. From its peak, it is possible to enjoy the views of Gargano and Tavoliere, as well as the Irpinia territoryin Campania and the Maiella mountain range in Abruzzo.
How to get to the path of the power line
The analysis of the Italian electricity transmission grid's development needs is supplemented by an environmental study of the area.
This in-depth study allows us, above all, to identify one or more environmental corridors as portions of territory suitable to host the new infrastructure;
inside the optimal corridor, based on more detailed environmental and territorial analyses, a smaller area of land is then identified as suitable to host the new electrical infrastructure: the feasibility area;
finally, taking into consideration regional and provincial territorial plans, other restricted areas, such as scenic routes and landscapes, areas of archaeological interest, tratturi (traditional sheep herding routes), historical cultural sites, steep mountain slopes and areas with hydrogeological constraints, are excluded from the operation.
The stages
  • In 2010 Terna presented the request for planning and operation permission to the Ministry of Economic Development, and the application for Environmental Impact Assessment to the Ministry of the Environment and the Ministry Cultural Assets and Heritage.
  • In 2017 the Environmental Impact Assessment procedure was suspended by the Technical Commission, which requested a new project to be presented which would not interfere with the Monte Cornacchia-Bosco Faeto Site of Community Importance (SCI).
  • In 2018, after an in-depth environmental and territorial analysis of the area, a technical consultation forum was held with the territory to agree on the portion of territory suitable to host the new electrical infrastructure.