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Why a new electricity grid?

Terna incontraOn 21 June, Terna meets the citizens of Matera to present the works for the rationalisation of the high-voltage power lines. The aim of the works is to innovate the city's electricity system, via the introduction of power lines that are more modern, safer and far from residential areas, with segments to be located underground and therefore invisible. This discussion with the local community is a fundamental element of our work in collaboration the areas directly involved in the works. In particular, the works in the municipality of Matera are the continuation of the initiative started in 2008 and confirmed on 14 June 2019 with the signing of the Memorandum of Understanding with the Mayor of the Municipality. The agreement confirms that constant dialogue with institutions and the local area ensures the maximum benefit for all those involved, both local communities and the whole of Italy.

The project
The already finished areas of the Matera CP - Matera line will be joined by two important works, which will free up 37 hectares of land in the area and allow 40 pylons to be demolished:

- the delocalisation of the Matera - Grottole - Salandra line from the urban centre, with a partial laid output section from the Matera electricity substation;
- the laying of the Matera CP - Matera Nord line, which will be featured in the 2020 Development Plan.

Details of the works


  • 150 kV Matera CP-Grottole power line to be demolished and relocated
  • 150 kV Matera CP-Matera Nord power line to be placed underground
  • (aerial cable) 150 kV Matera CP - Matera 380 power line, underground since 2011
  • Relocation of the 150 kV Matera CP-Grottole power line to allow for the dismissal of the old line
  • Cable version of the aerial delocalisation of the 150 KV Matera CP-Grottole power line

pylons demolished
hectares of land freed
underground segments laid

Did you know...

After an intense application process and an evaluation from an international jury on 17 October 2014, Matera has been declared the 2019 European Capital of Culture. The prestigious award comes due to the city’s enthusiasm and artistic innovation. The jury also appreciated the great attention dedicated to digital technologies, which are now even more relevant in the cultural and social context. Its features range from an online TV channel to the digitisation of cultural heritage archives to the teaching of programming languages for the youngest residents. All this contributes to a forward-looking and innovative approach to managing the city's artistic and cultural heritage.

The stages
After planning and sharing the project with local institutions, Terna will present to the public the works:

- In 2008 a Memorandum of Understanding was signed for the rationalisation of the high-voltage grid falling within the Municipality of Matera. In particular, sections of the 150 kV “Matera - Matera CP” power line were envisaged to be buried underground, with a length of around 5.4 kilometres, which were built and came into operation on 21 July 2011;
- In 2015, the Ministry of Economic Development authorised the delocalisation of the aerial section of the 150 kV “Matera CP - Grottole - Salandra” power line, with an length of around 8.2 kilometres. Construction sites will be opened in 2019.
- on 14 June 2019 an important Memorandum of Understanding was signed with the Municipality of Matera, which includes the relocation of the 150 kV “Matera - Grottole - Salandra” line from the town, with partial burial of the section exiting the Matera electricity substation and burial of the "Matera CP - Matera Nord" line;

During the “Terna Meets” session, the project detailed in the protocol will be illustrated and explained, listening to the comments and doubts of the public with the aim to share the work with the citizens.