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Dialogue with citizens

Terna incontraDiscussions with the people of Naples to explain the reasons for work which will bring more security, efficiency and quality to the electricity system of Campania. On 15 October in Fuorigrotta we’ll illustrate the plans for the new 220 kV electrical substation and the new 220 kV underground cable connections to the current primary transformer rooms of Astroni, Fuorigrotta and Naples Centre. We’ll listen to the questions and doubts of the inhabitants involved and show the initial plans with the changes following consultation with the City Council.

Why it is important
The Naples electricity grid is now obsolete and insecure, with a high risk of blackouts. This means we have to improve the security and quality of the service for the population and for many strategic users such as the Prefecture,, the Port of Naples, the Federico II and Parthenope Universities, public bodies (regional, provincial and municipal offices), Health Authority Agencies (Naples 1 and Naples 5) and hospital complexes (Santobono Hospital, Mediterranean Clinic), Chamber of Commerce, the INPS and the Bank of Italy. For this purpose a work programme has been planned to modernise and develop the electricity grid in the city.
The benefits
1 - Efficiency of the electricity service thanks to the modernisation of the lines constructed mostly in the 1970s and so by now not very secure;
2 - as a result of laying 11.5 km of new underground cable line, which will be done trying to affect the territory as little as possible, we’ll be able to dismiss 14.5 km of old underground lines and approximately 10 km of overhead lines with the related pylons;
3 - more reliability of the transmission and power supply grid of the electrical transformer rooms that serve the city of Naples.

The memorandum of understanding with the Municipality
Terna and the Naples City Council are discussing a memorandum of understanding aimed at defining the construction methods of the work and the possible actions to mitigate its impact on the territory, as well as setting up a permanent technical committee with the city council and the various municipalities involved to monitor the construction work.

Respect for the environment and protection of the territory
The project will entail the decommissioning of 14.5 km of underground lines and the demolition of around 10 km of 60 kV overhead lines freeing urban areas and areas of environmental value (Park of the Hills of Naples) and returning them to the people. The new routes have been designed to combine a more reliable public utility infrastructure with the constraints and characteristics of the territory. In particular we have tried to limit the length of the route to occupy the smallest possible portion of territory, minimise interference with zones of environmental, naturalistic, landscape and archaeological value and create as little damage as possible to the properties involved.

The project
The work, in brief:
  • a new 220/60 kV electrical substation in Fuorigrotta with an area of approximately 5,500 square metres. Thanks to the GIS (Gas-insulated substation) technology used, the electromechanical equipment will be installed inside a dedicated building, in extremely confined spaces. The site identified for the new substation minimises the possible interference with zones of environmental, naturalistic, landscape and archaeological value, integrating into the urbanised areas, and minimises the length of the connections to the primary transformer room of Fuorigrotta;
  • a 220 kV underground cable power line (Fuorigrotta electrical substation – Astroni primary transformer room) of approximately 4.1 km;
  • a 220 kV underground cable power line (Fuorigrotta electrical substation – Naples Centre primary transformer room) of approximately 6.6 km;
  • a 60 kV underground cable double connection between the Fuorigrotta electrical substation and the Fuorigrotta primary transformer room of approximately 0.4 km. Altogether just over 11 km of new underground lines and a new 220/60 kV electrical substation.
Protection of health
The new cables will be laid observing the objective of quality on magnetic and electrical fields provided for in the current Italian legislation, of 3 micro Tesla, a more precautionary level for the protection of health compared to the one required for existing cables (10 micro Tesla). This value will be 33 times lower than the European recommendation (100 micro Tesla) and 66 times lower than the new reference level of the ICNIRP (International Commission on Non-Ionising Radiation Protection), of 200 micro Tesla.
Did you know ...
The magnetic fields generated by some electrical appliances such as microwave ovens, induction cookers, electric shavers, vacuum cleaners, electric heaters, in some conditions of use reach values of 3 micro Tesla.
The stages

The work was provided for in the Electricity Grid Development Plan of 2008, approved by the Ministry of Economic Development:

  • in May 2012 an application was presented for planning and operation permission to the Ministry of Economic Development and to the Ministry of the Environment.
  • in November 2016 the Services Conference was held at the Ministry of Economic Development and the opinion of the Central Planning and Territorial Management Department of the City of Naples arrived, providing precise indications on changes to the project.
  • in January 2017 Terna sent to the ministries new planning documents, prepared following the opinion issued by the City of Naples, and almost all the indications expressed were accepted.
  • in November 2017 the Ministry of Economic Development issued the Authorisation Decree. Considering the quite limited amount of the work, timing in the order of 30 months is estimated starting from obtainment of the Authorisation Decree.
The map of the demolitions
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