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Dialogue with the communities

Terna incontraOn 18 April in Trino, in the province of Vercelli, we will be meeting with the communities of Trino to talk to citizens about the plan for the new Fontanetto connection (Conn.) – Trino primary transformer (PT) power line, which measures around 4 km long within the municipal area of Trino. A rationalisation project is also planned for the existing grid, involving demolition of 3.5 km of power line and 17 pylons. This is an important opportunity to present the project and hear citizens’ opinions, suggestions and requests for clarification.

The project
With these works, we are fulfilling the commitments made in 2009 with the Protocol - signed by Terna on the one hand and the region of Piedmont, the province of Vercelli and the communities of Trino, Ronsecco, Lignana, Desana, Vercelli, Asigliano Vercellese, Pezzana and Prarolo d’Intesa on the other hand - o build the Piedmont section of the 380 kV Trino-Lacchiarella power line. The works to rationalise the existing grid, including the section of the overhead Variant of the 132 kV Fontanetto Con. - Trino PT power line that lies within the community of Trino, also fall within the agreement.

The route

Detail of the 132 kV Fontanetto Con. – Trino PT power line in the community of Trino


  • Existing overhead 132 kV double circuit power line not subject to modification
  • Planned overhead 132 kV double circuit power line
  • Overhead 132 kV power line to be demolished
  • Municipal boundaries
  • Provincial boundaries
  • Existing overhead HV power lines owned by Terna but not subject to intervention
  • Trino Primary Transformer

4.75 km
of new power line far from residential areas
new pylons with lower environmental impact
3.5 km
of lines to be demolished
old pylons to be demolished

The new route