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What are these works for?

Terna incontraOn 13 December in Vellezzo Bellini, in the Province of Pavia, we will meet with the communities of Vellezzo Bellini and Certosa di Pavia to discuss the plans for the restructuring of the electricity infrastructure in the Pavese area. The works arise from the need to modify the structure of the 132 kV power lines between the Municipalities of Vellezzo Bellini and Certosa di Pavia to allow for the demolition of 28 pylons and the construction of 13 new pylons (7 in Vellezzo Bellini and 6 in Certosa di Pavia) which will be built up in a low environmental impact area.

The whole project
The entire project for the area includes the creation of two new 132 kV power lines: Lacchiarella-Pavia O. and Tavazzano-Pavia CS. The new connections will be 3.7 km long and will have 13 pylons, enabling the demolition of 20.8 km of old 132 kV power lines and 90 pylons.

The benefits
In addition to the improvement of service quality, the length of the new route is reduced and interference with the surrounding environment and natural areas is minimised. Furthermore, by changing the route of the power lines we will avoid crossing inhabited areas.

20.8 km
of power lines demolished
pylons removed
new power lines far from residential areas
The complete demolitions route

Did you know…
Certosa di Pavia is an important historical and monumental complex consisting of a monastery and sanctuary. Located in the Municipality of Certosa di Pavia, about 8 km north of the regional capital, it was built at the end of the 14th century by Gian Galeazzo Visconti, Duke of Milan, for his wife Caterina. The complex was completed at the end of the 15th century, taking around 50 years, and combines a variety of styles from late Italian Gothic to Renaissance. Following the unification of the Kingdom of Italy, in 1866 Certosa was declared a national monument and was acquired by the Italian state.
The stages
  • Terna and the Province of Pavia have signed the “Trino Lacchiarella” Memorandum of Understanding for the works on the 132 kV grid;
  • on 1 June 2016 a more specific MoU was signed by Terna and the Municipalities of Vellezzo Bellini and Certosa di Pavia, which provided for the sharing of the feasibility area for the restructuring of the power lines;
  • During the “Terna Meets” event on 13 December, Terna will discuss the details of the new project, which is awaiting authorisation from the Minister of Economic Development, with the citizens. This is an important phase in which the public will have the chance to understand the objectives of the works, ask questions, make comments and offer suggestions. Terna’s objective is to share the best solutions for the restructuring works with the territory, in a way that respects environmental and natural landscape constraints.