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Dispatching is managing energy flows along the grid so that offer and demand are always balanced, guaranteeing in this way the continuity and safety of the service provided.

Electricity is not a storable commodity. Hence it is necessary to produce the requested quantity and distribute it through the system in such a way as to ensure that electricity supply and demand are always evenly balanced, thus guaranteeing continuity in supply of the service.

Management of the flows of electricity is known as dispatching. This activity, performed by Terna, requires monitoring of electricity flows and application of the provisions necessary to the coordinated operation of the system components, that is, the production plants, transmission grid and the auxiliary services.

The real time management of our electricity system, interconnected with the European system, is performed through a hi-tech control system, which refers to the National Control Centre, the heart of the Italian electricity system. In an energy "bunker" with over 100 control screens and a 40 sq. m. wallscreen it monitors 293 lines, among which 9 interconnections with foreign countries, 3 submarine cables and 281 national 380kV lines.