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It is the National Control Centre’s duty to ensure that the electricity system functions under conditions of maximum safety, in order to guarantee service continuity and quality.
Hence the control system acquires, minute by minute, all the data relating to the state of the electricity system and, in accordance with the requirements of the moment, implements the appropriate corrective measures.
The essential duties of the National Control Centre are performed:

  • In the planning phase, with the drawing up of the operation plans developed on the basis of the forecasts for electricity and power demand at national level and of the availability of the means of production. The short-term weekly and daily forecasts, developed on the basis of medium-term forecasts, allow determination of the production levels, configuration of grid functioning and power reserve.

  • In the real time control phase, analysing the state of the electricity system, the National Control Centre intervenes in the production of active and reactive power and on the grid structure; at the same time it works to achieve optimisation of the service, recovery in the event of outage, control of any emergencies and coordination of works-related manoeuvres.

  • In the operation analysis phase, in addition to processing the statistics relating to all the operating data, it analyses the functioning of the production and transmission system, so as to gather useful indications for optimisation of system operation.

The National Control Centre performs its duty through eight distribution centres which, for their own territorial area of competence, decide on plant intervention in both the planning and real time control phases.