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The Development plan is based on four drivers:

1. Decarbonisation:
The electricity system’s transition to complete decarbonisation requires use of all the tools necessary in order to fully integrate renewable production plants in order to reduce emissions over the long term, guaranteeing the system’s security.

2. Market Efficiency:
The structure and mix of Europe’s generation mix in general and of Italian generation in particular are undergoing a radical transformation, just as transmission lines are being developed in keeping with new European directives regarding Market Design. The adoption of new mechanisms at national level (in particular, the Capacity Market and the reform of the dispatching services market) will have a major impact on development of the electricity system.

3. Security of supply:
The third driver for the Plan aims to ensure ensures the security of the national electricity system and, at the same time, creates an increasingly resilient system, capable of handling critical events external to the system itself.

4. Systemic sustainability:
The fourth driver consists of the ability to conceive, design and implement following rigorous analysis capable of maximising the environmental and economic benefits.