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Distribution Companies


Terna opens a web section dedicated to electricity distribution companies.

Pursuant to Resolution ARG/elt 172/10 issued by the Authority for Electricity and Gas, as of April 1, 2011, Terna will publish and update on its website a list of distributors and their identification codes as well as a historical archive containing the corporate changes relating to the same companies that occurred over the years.

To this end, Terna has designed and created an application software for Distribution Companies which is composed of the following sections:

  • “Distributors List”: contains an updated list of electricity distribution companies and their “distributor identification codes”, used by the same companies to define the identification codes of final withdrawal points (POD codes).
  • “Historical archive”: contains a historical list of electricity distribution companies along with the validity dates of the “distributor identification codes” that are associated with these companies.
  • “News”: contains the archive which stores information on the corporate changes that have affected electricity distribution companies, as reported by the companies themselves to Terna.

This application software allows to navigate through the website and search for information of interest through special filters.