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In the European energy market a common identification scheme called EIC (Energy identification code) has been introduced, , to guarantee an efficient electronic data exchanges in the energy sector (gas and electricity).

The CIO (Central Issuing Office) is currently under the direct responsibility of ENTSO-E. It ensures the management of the central registry and the acceptance of LIOs (Local Issuing Office).
Terna, as LIO (Local Issuing Office), is responsible for the allocation and maintenance of EIC codes issued for the electricity sector and maintains a local registry (LIO register) where the EICcodes that it generates are listed.

The EIC is based on fixed length alphanumeric codes which can be broken down as follows:
• A 2-character number identifying the LIO assigned by the CIO. All EIC codes managed by TERNA LIO begin by the two characters “26".
• One Character identifying the object type that the code represents;
• 12 digits, uppercase characters or minus signs allocated by the issuing office;
• 1 check character to ensure the code validity.

The Local EIC codes, issued to perform activities limited to the Italian area, are published only on the LIO register.

The International EIC code, issued to perform activities within the Energy Internal European Market, are published on the CIO website at the following address:

On the same website it is possible to find an EIC scheme documentation, where it’s possible to consult “the EIC Reference Manual“ in which the use and implementation of these codes is described.

The use and implementation of these codes are described in the reference manual « THE ENERGY IDENTIFICATION CODING SCHEME (EIC) REFERENCE MANUAL ».


  • Lio register

    The list of EIC type allocated by the TERNA LIO are the following:
    EIC object type X (file xls)


    In no event shall the EIC Local Issuing Office of Terna be liable for any damages of any kind, including, but not limited to direct, indirect, general, special, incidental, or consequential damages arising out of any use of the information obtained using this site.

    In particular, VAT codes are only provided for information purposes and it is the responsibility of the party to assess the validity using for example the Taxations and Customs Union web site (


  • Management process

    MYTERNA is the IT system through which, the authorized party, can request online the creation or modification of information associated with EIC codes type X. The authorized parties are those who have been previously registered on the following link (link MYTERNA) and whose status is shown as “Validated”.

    Process to issue an EIC code type X

    This process is composed by three main steps:

    - Submission: an authorized party applies to MYTERNA for a Local or International EIC code;

    Assignment and issue: Terna LIO assigns and issues the EIC code to the New EIC Participant. An explicit acceptance of the EIC Reference Manual and of compliance with its provisions has requested. In particular, after receiving the EIC code, the EIC Participant has to send the template (signed by legal representative) to the following mail eic_terna@terna.itThe EIC Participants, who have already an EIC code, implicitly accept the EIC Reference Manual;

    - Publication: Terna LIO publishes the allocation EIC code on its LIO web page. In case of an International EIC code, the CIO verifies and integrates the EIC code into the Central Repository.