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Snam and Terna working on long term national energy scenarios with a workshop dedicated to storylines

On 24 July 2018, the “Storylines for long-term energy scenarios in Italy” workshop was held. Organised by Snam and Terna, the event involved numerous stakeholders who were invited by the two companies to Snam and Terna’s head offices with a view to coordinating the development of the scenarios which form the basis of the development plans for the Italian transmission and transfer grids in the electricity and gas sectors and in line with Resolutions 654/2017/R/eel and 689/2017/R/gas issued by ARERA (the Italian Regulatory Authority for Energy, Networks and the Environment), Snam and Terna are working towards the Energy Scenario Description Document which is due for publication by September 2019.

The workshop, which was attended by numerous stakeholders, including institutional players, industry operators and research institutions, was divided into two parts. In the first session, the two companies presented a general overview of the energy scenario construction process in Italy and Europe. In the second session, which was more interactive, the participants were divided into three groups for a detailed discussion with Snam and Terna representatives to explore the first stage of the process: the construction of the “storylines” which represent the macro hypotheses underlying each scenario.

The workshop was also an opportunity to hear the thoughts and observations of the participants, who expressed appreciation for the work carried out by the two companies and the commitment shown by the involvement of external stakeholders in the initial phases of the project.

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