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MyTerna Website


What is MyTerna web portal and how it works. is the web portal dedicated to Electricity Operators.

A powerful platform, designed to further optimize the business relationship with its counterparties through a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) with which key interactions with Terna will be managed with a unique and integrated approach.

Access to the dedicated services is exclusively possible through MyTerna Portal.

These are the first functions:

  • Managing and Updating Master Data: it is possible to manage master data, add, edit or remove contacts and indicate the users who will be able to interact with Terna through the Portal.
  • Requesting a Connection to the National electricity Transmission Grid (NTG): it is possible to request a new connection to Terna’s grid, manage the process by verifying the progress status, until the signing of the contract.
  • Managing Contracts: it is possible to enter into new input and withdrawal dispatching contracts, modify existing ones, while managing the process and viewing the progress status.
  • Managing contacts with Terna: it is possible to communicate with Terna on specific topics through e-ticketing and verify the progress status.
  • Viewing data: it is possible toview the main personal data as well as contract and billing information.

Through MyTerna, it is also possible to do the following:

  • View the main news regarding Terna and the main links of interest identified by Terna in support of the operational effectiveness of the electricity market.
  • Access a dedicated area where the main documents that are required for managing the relationship with Terna can be viewed.

In order to be able to use the various services offered by this new tool more efficiently, you can refer to the FAQ area and MyTerna portal user manual, both of which are available in the portal.

Terna advises that in the next few months MyTerna portal will be updated with new services and functions; the sections dedicated to your personal data visualization will be improved and you will be informed every step of the way.